Analogue Electronic Whatever have been busy recording and promoting the new 6 track EP 3+3, it was released 19th June on 10” lathe cut vinyl through Sheffield label Do it Thissen Records and they are delighted that they have all sold out. Well done guys!

 Four of the 6 tracks are available now on Bandcamp

1 Hole 2. Vini (instrumental) 3. Row  4. 'GATE'  another instrumental track, is a fundraiser track in support for Black Lives Matter.

Row is from the EP 3+3. It is a retro-synthwave track that draws influences from early analogue synth pioneers. Recorded before the sad passing of Kraftwerk’s legendary founder Florian Schneider, the tracks take on an additional poignancy. The tracks observes that they are all rowing against a constant tide of uncertainty and change, with new challenges and crisis hour by hour.

“Is this what we are fighting for?”  -  AEW

The limited edition EP further develops AEW’s fascination with 80’s inspired electro pop instrumentation and industrial sounds and also explores ambient and loop music, even throwing in a few guitar riffs.  Drawing on diverse influences from The Cure, Devo, Eno, Kraftwerk, Fad Gadget and the Sci Fi noodling of the radio phonic workshop, the EP has an individual timeless feel that….

‘delivers a damn fine slice of kooky kitsch from the AEW folk’ - Mark Barton, the Sunday Experience, Blog

AEW Use cast-away sounds, re-cycled synths and drum machines to create a balance between pop structures and experimentation. The sounds and textures are crafted from vintage sources creating vibrant and evocative music that explores themes of politics, childhood, the natural world, and pop history. More than just revivalist AEW weave melodies, speech and atmospherics to capture moments and moods that summon a deep sense of nostalgia and the joys of things that go WOBBLE and BLEEP

 Release schedule 

5 June - Digital pre order of Row on Bandcamp 

5 June Streaming release of Row - Spotify etc

5 June Preorder available for vinyl EP 3+3 on Bandcamp

19th June release date for vinyl EP 3+3

19th June Digital releases of Row/Gate single on Bandcamp

3rd July second run of EP 3+3 available on Bandcamp


Reviews :

‘Like me, fall for the charms of AEW as they time-warp us back to the frozen Milk of 1977’ - Tom Robinson. BBC6

‘It is an incredible track, sounds like it should be on my favourite movie soundtrack of all time…..Drive’ – BBC Introducing

Mono Synth Marvel – Jason Bradbury, the Gadget Show

‘You know what, I like it!’ – Rusty Egan

‘Loving this very much indeed…brilliant stuff’ – Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing

‘A great piece of electronica, great melodic ripples, with a perfect early 80’s vibe- so spot on. I feel Like I've time warped’. Rob Harvey,  Synth City

‘A cool song, Wonderful stuff’ – Matt Dalzell CFBU1037, Ontario radio.

‘An absolute beast - almost as enjoyable as eating tropical granola’  - New Music Saturday, radio show.

'Nostalgia, beautifully realized if you are a fan of early Mute, punk rock and posh people banging on about those dreadful punkers!' – Sean Hocking, Dandelion radio/metal postcard records

‘The type of track you'd hear on a John Peel show back in 79’ - Revival Synth Website


Keep up to date with all their latest news on their social media pages below, they would really appreciate your support. 

They are already busy working on new material and I hear it has something to do with vintage casio keyboards????? 

Stay Tuned! ;-)