Revival Synth is proud to present Dynalectric Orchestra.

Solo synthwave artist/producer Daren Denker brings his unique style of classic old skool synth music with an updated and catchy twist that captures the ear of the new listener and in my case, ends up on repeat on my playlist.

I was lucky enough to find the talent of Dynalectric Orchestra after hearing his track 'Afterglow', the title track of his album.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, ELO, Daft Punk, Sparks & Deadmau5, the album is bursting at the seams with sounds reminiscing the 80s vintage electro scene and even delving back to the days of Moroder & Bellotte in the late 70s.

The album was followed by the 4 track EP 'Abandoned', and the singles, Never Go Back To Your Arms, Overture and Dreams.

Having just had time to wallow in the glories of Afterglow , along comes another brilliant album 'Humanity'. A nine track album that basically carries on from where he left off with Afterglow. This leaves me with the problem of deciding which one wins the album of the year contest. I may just have to do a Top 5 so I can squeeze both in. Well done Dynalectric Orchestra!