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BANDCAMP & CD RELEASE : 4th March 2022

STREAMING : March 18th 2022

CASSETTE : 1ST April 2022

“The future is the past backwards” 

36 exclusive tracks and mixes, including leading lights from the contemporary global electronic postpunk, synth pop and electropop underground.

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Gemma Cullingford - BlakLight - Cold Connection - The Rude Awakening - Denial Waits - Honey Beard - Nostalgia  Deathstar - Pulse Lab - Emily Zuzik & Tim Lefebvre - Cult With No Name - B-Movie - Zaine Griff & Chris Payne - Brutalist Architecture In The Sun - Video L'Eclipse - After The Rain - Chrysalid Homo - Planet Neil - Maxx SilverMagnetic Skies - Truthscan - Betonmobel - Komputer - Wavewulf - Mothloop - EmT - Tin Gun - Covered In Snow - Non Stop Erotic Cabaret - Depthcruiser - Sonar 4 - Power State Failure - Rocket Report - Lines Of Flight - V-Sor, X - Agency V - Steven Jones & Logan Sky.

Following last year’s scene-defining and award-winning compilation Generation Blitz – Dusk  to Dawn, we are proud to bring you the next instalment Generation Blitz 2 – Concrete and  Chrome.

Where Generation Blitz - Dusk to Dawn invited contributors to reimagine the soundtrack to legendary Blitz club, Generation Blitz 2 – Concrete and Chrome asked people to put themselves in that moment when the milieu of the Blitz eclectic soundtrack gave way to distinct pathways towards cold electronics, future disco and perfect synth pop. 

The result is yet another stunning slice of real and imagined nostalgia as artists explore faded memories and distorted histories mediated through well-loved songs, videos and magazine clippings. The results are as evocative as the first compilation, including such delights as ‘EVill (2022 Remix)’, a soundtrack to NYC sweatbox paranoia by Moby collaborator Emily Zuzik and Tim Lefebvre of Bowie’s Blackstar band, Gemma Cullingford’s up close and low slung electro funk remake of Exile’s ‘Kiss You All Over’ and Cult With No Name’s melancholic torch song ‘My Right Hand Holds the Biosphere’.

All brilliant deconstructions of some of the sounds and styles of a bygone era which could only have been created in the 21st Century.

Concrete and Chrome was compiled with loving care by Martin James, Timo Jalkanen, Gary Fones and Colin Spencer.

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