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RELEASED : 19/2/2023

Darkways, A band originating from Barcelona, Spain. There's quite a mystery behind them being labelled as a band when I'm led to believe it's a solo project, but I'm sure more research will clarify that.

Anyway, above is the new release, Neon Lights, a 5 track EP blending their love of the 80s and synthwave with some nostalgic darkwave leaving us with an appreciation of the genre's emotive qualities and subtle complexities.

Marc.. 'We love the sound of the 80s and we're comfortable with the 'synthwave' label but in reality we give it our own style taking everything we like from what we consider was a golden age, not only at the level music, but in many other things.

Just announced.. Darkways have recently signed to Retro Reverb Records. Congratulations, and all the best for the future.

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RELEASE : 24th MARCH 2023


A culmination of years of laborious effort, an album to be proud of is a masterpiece which reflects the artist's passionate creative process. Showcasing their innate ingenuity, this audacious work features ambitious instrumentation, intriguingly unexpected harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics that are sure to linger in listeners minds long after it ends, and in doing so, wanting you to return to press repeat.


Originally from Kazakhstan, with a multinational background and having been based in Finland for over a decade now, lead singer and songwriter Dasha Larks considers herself more as a world citizen believing that people are what makes a place home.
Through her music she reflects on her own experience and observations of how society treats people who don’t really fit the mould – society’s outsiders. One of the most important elements in her songwriting is hope, no matter how dark the main lyrical theme might sound. These include Xentinel Kevin O’Rahilly (Chain Complex), Sean Albiez (Ghost ElektronNostalgia Deathstar), Daniel Kiff (Kiffie) and Timo Jalkanen (Montage Collective)
Pulse Lab’s contributions to Generation Blitz 1 & 2 compilations helped her find a global fandom, with people drawn to her dramatic songs that explore pop’s darker side. Since then Dasha has released a crop of singles and has collaborated with emerging artists from the electronic music and synth scenes, including Wavewulf (US), Montage Collective (Australia) and truthscanKiffieMaxx SilverRichard Davies (UK) and Projekt Ich (Germany).

Revival Synth This album is charged with emotion, creating vivid imagery that enlivens listeners senses while providing thought-provoking insights into challenging social realities.

Q&A with Revival Synth 2022

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