Olivier RENNESSON (Composer, Synth, Vocals, Guitar) / 
 Estelle FLAUJAT  (Author, Vocals, Synth) / 
Steve BOUDOUX (Guitar)

Helix Pulsar was born on the Loire river in Nantes (France) early 2014, from the encounter between Olivier, musician and composer, influenced by the synthpop / electropop world, and Estelle, a Gospel and Jazz singer. 

As they both started with classical music, piano for him and piano / saxophone /violin for her, they compose their music as absolute electro synthphonies where biting and complex percussive patterns combine with sheets of intertwined vocal harmonies and synth layers.

Spring 2015, after relocating to dazzling Lille (France), they chose to add a rocking dimension to their synth pop vibes by adding a guitarist, and entrusted the Creative Music Studios in Brentwood (UK) early 2016 with the production of their first LP. An electro pop rock debut album with this French “je ne sais quoi” was born: Beyond The Wall.

Now established in Montpellier (south of France), the project is taking another turn with the adding of Gabriel, graduated of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles and professional musician for several years in the US and UK. Together they’re working on a new opus widely influenced by their road trip through the American Old West and the wild part in all of us...


The cover of our upcoming album was made by Estelle, under her graphic designer name La Belle Etoile(see her page on Facebook ) in 2017! 

What is the story ?

We already had some titles for a new album (Bastards, Dead Alive, That's A Crime, Anger ...) and the thread then appeared to us: the Wild Nature of the human, the wolf that slumbers in each of us. 
The image then takes up this graphic universe: the wolf (inspired by steampunk), the glances (openings on the soul), the color Earth. Only colored elements that stand out: the red (fire, anger) of Olivier's eye and the blue (water, ice) of Estelle's eye. It consists of a patchwork of primary graphic forms exploded to evoke both the electro sound universe by geometry, and the fragmented aspect of all these wild shares whose true nature we can see only once collected.


You appreciate our approach, our music? Support our crowdfunding campaign to allow us to finalize the production of the album that will be released in October! 

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