Revival Synth is delighted to share with you INTO THE BLOOD, a Danish duo consisting of Jens Brygmann and Carsten Bo Andersen. 

Their aim is to form a cooperation between various singers and musicians to create new songs/music/noise by means of a creative collective. 

They are inspired by early 80s techno/synthpop and 90s electro/house - adding some dreamy moods and harmonies and often an organic twist.

The duo have enjoyed several releases in the forms of, Closer To Me, The World Without You, Into The Groove, Stars In Your Hand and from the 29th August 19, they will be releasing 4 singles, the first being 'Stay Forever' followed by 'Every Time' 29/9/19 & 'Need Stuff' 29/10/19 Each track will be released consecutively on the 29th of each month until November 29th, they will then release the EP 'Black Friday In Blue'.

One of their earlier releases, ‘Slow Down’ has been championed by none other than Rusty Egan who has remixed the track, and it will be joining many other brilliant remixes and collaborations on his new album, 'Welcome To The Remix Vol 2' released 4/10/19. 

Whilst your checking out the many great sounds of Into The Blood, check out Carsten’s solo project. He goes under the alias of  Caboan , no prizes for guessing where he got the name from ;-)

Sit back, listen and enjoy the sounds of Into The Blood..