Jigsaw Sequence is the artist name for Richard Tracey, a singer/songwriter/musician/producer from Scotland.

He has been writing music since 2012, but only started releasing music at the end of 2017.

Richard writes music based on his love of early 80's bands and artists - Ultravox / OMD / Visage / Depeche Mode and many many others. He tries to create synth pop music with a 'big' cinematic sound.

He has worked with electronic artist, Fused on singles such as the brilliant, 'Beyond The Veil' and 'I Don't Want To Live This Way'. Richard has also remixed songs for other artists from the indie synth scene.

Out Now, the new single 'Never'. It is a collaboration with Kay Burden who has wrote the lyrics and the vocal melody. It is available HERE from bandcamp. Remixes of the track will also be released at a future date.

Following this release, Jigsaw Sequence has plans for the following releases in the not too distant future.

Determination -  September 2019 - Not Afraid of The Dark - early October 2019 - Between The Lines - early November 2019 - Touch The Sky - early December 2019 - I Will Not Surrender - early January 2020.


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