Jigsaw Sequence is the artist name for Richard Tracey, a singer/songwriter/musician/producer from Scotland.

He has been writing music since 2012, but only started releasing music at the end of 2017.

Richard writes music based on his love of early 80's bands and artists - Ultravox / OMD / Visage / Depeche Mode and many many others. He tries to create synth pop music with a 'big' cinematic sound.

He has worked with electronic artist, Fused on singles such as the brilliant, 'Beyond The Veil' and 'I Don't Want To Live This Way'. Richard has also remixed songs for other artists from the indie synth scene.

Over the next couple of months he will be releasing two new singles and an album.

The first single will be called 'Day One' and it is a fast paced, full on synth/pop track in the vein of Ultravox, OMD, New Order to name just a couple of bands.

The second single will be the title song of the album 'Happiness'. This one isn't as fast paced, but it is still full on synth/pop, with what he hopes is a really catchy chorus. Don't let the title fool you, it will be one of his usual ambiguous type of tracks.

The album 'Happiness' will then follow and will contain eight tracks, one of which is probably his favourite instrumentals he have written to date. The tracklist is currently:

01. The Fragile Mind

02. Happiness

03. Day One

04. Do I Excite You

05. Love To Fall - this track may change

06. We Were Gods

07. I Believe In Miracles

08. Gone



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