Madmoizel is a french Synth-Expressionist artist. She mixes 80's feel beats on electronic stations and sings like a Punk Diva. 
Influenced by D. Bowie, L. Anderson, K. Bush, N. Hagen, New Order, MADmoizel mixes 80s feel beats on electronic stations, plays synthesizer and sings like a Punk Diva. Surrounded by her machines, she provides a powerfull live act and performs all over Europe. 
2 EPs have been recorded in Germany: "Dame de France" (June 2010), "Lady Dandy" (June 2012).
" Lady Dandy thus marks a major evolution of the androgynous artist (...). Madmoizel opens the doors of her underground, glaucous, disturbing theater, in its icy lighting which nevertheless attracts us in an irresistible way. The main actress uses every piece as an act from the play which unrolls under our ears, matching in a masterful way the directions to the steps of the story which we are told. To serve the story, Madmoizel brilliantly handles the synthetic tools so much so that she humanizes her electronics which are nevertheless very frontal and very clear-cut" (Les Sons Cosmochroniques)
Madmoizel's new album 'Play Bizarre' was released 29/9/18 on the TONN Recordings label