Revival Synth is proud to bring you music from the year 2080.

Millennium Falck is a story telling artist from Neo Helsinki in 2080. All songs and visuals are related to Neo Helsinki, which is a fictional dystopian megacity in 2080.

Millennium Falck is one Neo Helsinki's residents and these songs and visuals are the stories of this future world. 

He is quite new to the Revival Synth website and he is an avid supporter of the evergrowing synthwave scene that can be found on twitter and spotify.

We are delighted to be promoting Millennium Falck as we await his new release 'Kessel Run' a track he describes as 'being ideal for a late night smuggling run across the galaxy'. The track will be released on all major platforms on 24.5.2019, that's 61 years before it was due for release so be very grateful for time travel!

Check out the links below, you wont be disappointed...I wasn't!