Originally formed in 1989 by 3 high school sophomores, Brian Olsen and Brian Belknap, 2 members of that original core, have reunited the band in 2016 to bring to the musical world their best tracks that they felt needed to be heard later than never.  Bonding through a mutual love of synth-based pop by bands such as Depeche Mode, Erasure, OMD, New Order, Red Flag, and Cetu Javu, the two Brians collaborated with mutual friend David Mongan to pen dark melodic electronic tunes like their idols, with the use of synthesizers, drum machines, and 4-track recorders. Later recruiting fellow schoolmates Eric Miller and David Blatty, the quintet played a few high school talent shows and carnivals, as well as venturing into the 24-track studio in the summer of 1990 to record the song “Motionless World”.  Soon, the departure of Mongan and Miller made Mind Machine a trio again, and led to more performances and the recording of a full demo album entitled “Reflection” during the summer of 1991, which included “Like Today”, “Target”, “Face The Nation”, and “Running With You”, plus a lost but recently discovered recording from those sessions “Corruption In Utopia”. The songs “Like Today” and “Target” both got some radio airplay in Los Angeles in the fall of 1991, but very little happened for them beyond that. College life forced the band to drift apart in early 1992, and while the two Brians remained friends, only Olsen, who was the main songwriter/programmer, kept the Mind Machine name alive for himself by putting out instrumental demos for the next 4 years, with Belknap lending his voice on a few select tracks on those demos.  Olsen officially closed the book on Mind Machine in 1995 and went under the name Clockwork Project until 2003, recording more synthpop demos with himself as his own vocalist. Olsen’s first official release to the public was with his band Glasspool, which only consisted of a 4-song EP in 2008 called “Unconventional.” The EP got some notice in the underground synthpop world, but the band didn’t last and Olsen stepped away from the music world shortly after. Fast forward to early 2016, when Olsen and Belknap decided to revisit all the Mind Machine cassette demos and bring the very best tracks to life 20-something years later, with cleaned up remastered digital recordings and brand new vocal treatments. The compilation “Movement: The Very Best Of Mind Machine 1990-1995” showcases a combination of these along with some of the original recordings from 1990-1991, which have also been remastered.  In 2017, Mind Machine released two EP’s, Demonstration_01 and Demonstration_02. Each took very early songs from their discography, several unreleased, and re-recorded them with a simple, analog sound. The band released two singles in 2018, “We Keep Walking” and “Enlightened Heart". February 2019 saw the release of the band’s first brand new album in 24 years, Return To The Machine. It was quickly followed by a remix EP of 'Clouds of Doubt', consisting of 3 remixes of the track from the talented producer FUSED, the album version and a piano and strings version of 'Hundred Thousand Million'.  This track is a taster of what's to come when the guys release the next album 'Remix The Machine'. An album packed with remixes from some of the best synth artists on the circuit, artists include, Peter Rainman ( People Theatre ) - Circuit3 - DarwinMcD - FUSED - Nature of Wires - Parralox and more...

Remix The Machine will be released on 23rd August 2019 and it is available from the links below.


Tracklist :