Welcome to the world of London duo Ditsea Yella.

Diana & Phil have been beeping their way through social media outlets of late, making people take notice of their, sometimes crazy, but delightful approach to music.

They took time out from delving into donuts, champagne and caviar to talk all things Ditsea Yella and their new single, out 16th Oct 2020.

Q. First of all, how have you coped with the covid nightmare, and are you ready  for the predicted second wave? 

A. We’re not ready for anything, we just live try to live life one day at a time…

Q. When and how did the journey of Ditsea Yella begin?  

A. Ditsea Yella’s time travels started in reverse, due to this Ditsea Yella begins  now! 

Q. How would you describe your sound?  

A. A fusion of life meets pain, with some nice bits (eating & sleeping) in  between :) :) 

Q. Who came up with the name Ditsea Yella and what is its meaning?  

A. Diana did. 

Ditsea Yella is a take on the word ‘ditzy’ i.e. something perceived as silly/small &  yella larger than life loud=2 people big sound!  

Q. Would you agree that you like to test the waters with your sound and take it  where others dare not tread? 

A. It might seem that way, but to us being creative is a very humbling process &  we dare to tread that walk. 

Q. What is your songwriting process? 

A. It varies, as we both play, write & program, it may start with a beat, melody,  lyric or riff & we just build the tracks from there. 

Q. Who are your biggest musical influences? 

A. Anything, everything & nothing. 

Q. What’s the craziest thing you guys have done on or off stage? 

A. Stay alive. 

Q. If you could perform with any artist (dead or alive, not Pete Burns lol) who  would be your dream come true? 

A. All the bands we have met recently on twitter, in real life! 

Q. I see from your You Tube videos that they’re made in your living room. Did the  neighbours move out quietly or were they forced out lol? 

A. Haha well we still live here = we must be doing something right, huh?! 

Q. You’ve built yourself a neat following on the social media platforms, what are your likes/dislikes of social media sites? 

A. We weren't really into social media before, but we're on facebook where we met Simon Mealey who runs a great music network & through his group, we met Paul Travis from A1M Records who has a weekly show on Indie Rocks Radio  & has played our tracks frequently & supported our band 1000000%.

At the end of May we joined twitter & since then have been made to feel part of something, good & positive & that is where we met you Andy along with Mark Winder @theretweeter 

Mark compiles lists of bands for Spotify/Deezer & Tidal (to name but a few) & has tired to help our band above & beyond a billion % & DJ CJ Stephenson at Radio Coolio  who has taken us under her wing & championed our band 1000 000 000% ever since, along with her partner  DJ DeEdge. Two other amazing Dj's Russ Evans at Ridge Radio  & Chris Watts 'In The Moog Show' on NCCRradio have done the same! 

And all the wonderful radio stations out there, who play great music ie : Artefaktor Radio - Radio Wigwam - Radio TFSC  - Radio KCSynth City & Rich James at ElecCafe to name but a few!

Q. Have any other artist/s on the scene caught your ear? 

A. Yes loads & naming some, means we leave out others but Wavewulf - Analog-X - 3mindB are just a few of so many that we have discovered and love.

Q. I’m not a massive fan of Spotify, purely because of its dire returns to indie  artists. What’s your opinion of it and the music industry as a whole? 

A. We would love to form a collective with likeminded artists, who would like to  share, buy & sell their music in any format they like & that are given a fair return rate. 

Q. Have you collaborated with any other artists or do you plan to?

A. We have @1i2c is amazing, we are on 2 tracks of his out on 

@PinkDolphinRecords &  @Atripfunky   he did a great remix of our track  ‘Transhumansim’ 

We were also privileged enough to do our first remix for a band called 'KiLter' called 'Noam'

There are 1 or 2 other things we are looking at at the moment. 

Q. We’ve had the singles Sin Mona Lisa, Transhumanism & Apps & Drones, to  name but a few, any plans for an EP or album release? 

A. We have a new track coming out on 16th October ‘Champagne & Caviar’ we  feel ok putting out a single at a time.

Q. There's an explicit version of your last single 'Devil Inside'. What are the lyrics relating to? 

A. Dark stuff but ending in Donuts! :) :) 

Q. Not many artists can boast that they have a number one but you guys have one under your belt? 

A. Some nice stuff has happened, our first one was with Retro Reverb Records!  And we had one with Paul Travis, A1M Records on  https://www.indierocks.co.uk/   radio station :) :) 

Q. What are your plans for the future when everything ‘hopefully’ settles down?

A. We miss playing our empty gigs :) :)  

Last of all, thanks Diana & Phil for taking time out to do this Q&A. Anything further you would like to add? 

Just a huge thank you to you, Andy at Revival Synth for all the support you have 

given to our band & everyone else!! :) :)