photo courtesy of William Murray

 The Mystic Underground


Vladimir Valette - the singing
Benedetto Socci - the playing
Daniel Cousins - the strumming



Take pulsing synths and a little sass...add some melancholy with a good dose of tongue planted firmly in cheek and for good measure, throw in a sense of urgency and surrealism, and you have the sounds coming from NYC's electronic pop heroes: The Mystic Underground.

Raised in the jungles of the New York Cityscene, The Mystic Underground are a combination of the introspective bedsit dramas written and played out by singer-lyricist, Vladimir Valette and the frentic backdrops conjured up by synthesizer mastermind, Ben Socci.

Blending the sounds of newwave, post-punk, Britpop, and alternative dance and wrapping it all in an electronic bow, this is a band destined to find themselves at the forefront of the new electronic pop movement.

In the words of singer, Vladimir Valette, "We're looking to grab a foothold in the minds and hearts of listeners everywhere, we want to serve as a reminder that the term 'pop music' isn't an obscenity. We write songs with something to say and aren't afraid to push the envelope and have you singing along in the process"