Music + Synths by Jason Reed Milner  

Lyrics + Vocals by Leslie Irene Benson   

THE SWEETEST CONDITION is an industrial synthpop band, based in Nashville, Tenn., that blends iconic sounds of the ’80s, industrial muscle of the ’90s, and cinematic soundscapes with hints of EDM. After releasing their five-song EP, Truth & Light, in April 2013, the female-fronted dark electronic duo moved to Nashville, where they teamed up with producer and sound engineer Joel Lauver of Burning Bridge Recordings to produce their debut LP, Edge of the World, which was released independently on Aug. 28, 2015, through CD Baby on physical CD and through digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. Dual-parts sinful and sensual, hopeful and bleak, Edge of the World is an 11-song commentary on humanity, anti-conformity, self-loathing, and dream chasing—a catalyst for transformation—set to unyielding dance floor beats for those clubs where people writhe in cages. In the Beginning The musicians first met in 2004 on the underground club circuit in Indianapolis, Ind. Milner was touring in industrial rock band Form 30, opening up for national artists like Razed in Black, Shiny Toy Guns, Haujobb, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and The Last Dance. Benson was working as a journalist who had just launched a Midwest-based Goth/industrial music magazine, Echo Immortalis. Already fast friends, the duo officially joined musical forces as Irene & Reed in 2009. 

They recorded their debut LP, Closer to Home, at Sony Tree Studios in Nashville, releasing it in 2010. After a short tour, they switched gears, forming The Sweetest Condition in 2012—an aggressive, moody, synth-based project that would allow Milner (of Nimbus, Form 30, Seven Mile Radius, and Irene & Reed) and Benson (of Burning Veda, Irene & Reed) to satisfy the full spectrum of their music interests. Long before they had a name for their new project, the musicians experimented by writing an angst-filled industrial rock track called “Watch You Fall” in 2010—a far cry from the piano-based indie pop songs they recorded as Irene & Reed. The band came full circle with their darker electronic music roots on their debut EP, Truth & Light, releasing it in 2013. The Sweetest Condition soon revisited “Watch You Fall,” rerecording the song in their Nashville studio, along with 10 additional original synth-driven tracks, for their debut LP, Edge of the World. Mixed, mastered and produced by Joel Lauver of Burning Bridge Recordings in Nashville, Edge of the World reveals intimate and visceral stories set to floor-shaking soundscapes elevated by lashing synth riffs, addictive chorus hooks and stabbing guitars—a tribute to the band’s ’80s synthpop/darkwave and ’90s industrial influences. The debut album by The Sweetest Condition was released independently worldwide on Aug. 28, 2015.

Their new single Knock Us Down” is the first single from The Sweetest Condition’s second full-length album, “We Defy Oblivion,” which will be released on the 4th November 2016. 

It follows the band’s debut release of “Edge of the World” in 2015, which received radio play and positive media attention from alternative magazines and music blogs around the world. 

The context of the new album, “We Defy Oblivion,” explores what it feels like when things hit a boiling point. Songs like the single, “Knock Us Down,” question authority, religion and abuse, and answer it with rebellion, retaliation and revolution. 
“The world is in crisis,” says vocalist and lyricist Leslie Irene Benson. “Political, economic and societal structures are deteriorating. Those in power have led us astray. We are living on a hotbed of frustration, on the verge of the next revolution. ‘Knock Us Down’ is a song for the people. No matter how bad things get, we’re going to fight for what’s right. If you push us, we won’t fall down. Together, we are strong.”