Cheryl Janzen - vocals, synths and flutes
 Bevan Early  - guitar,electronic and acoustic drums,synth programming and production


Vague Notion

Vague Notion is made up of two experienced musicians with multi instrumental talents. Computers aiding in the creation and production of their musical ideas allowed Vague Notion to be born deep in the wilds of BC Canada. They began this journey in 2012 and by Nov. of 2014 they released their self titled debut on Bandcamp.
Bevan Early has been writing and producing his own music since he was a young boy when his Grandmother bought him an electric guitar and he discovered the record button on his ghetto blaster.
Rhythm has always come naturally to him and has been inspired by African and Reggae music in particular. Over the years Bevan has become a proficient guitar player and percussionist. He is a self taught producer and started using the popular Ableton Live recording software in 2013.
Cheryl Janzen also took up music at a very young age as she was surrounded by her four brothers and father all playing guitars and singing at home. Her first instrument was the flute and piano soon followed. It was not uncommon for her brothers to find her dancing and singing her heart out to the stereo in front of the big mirror in their living room.
From those early days of disco and 70's rock and psychedelia, her taste gravitated to more synth based rock, new wave and punk genres coming out of the UK.
Cheryl has always loved performing and her voice has been compared to Chrissie Hynde, Grace Jones and Siouxsie Sioux. She has played in numerous bands of all styles and configurations from Arctic Canada to Baja Mexico.
Together these two artists create music that is rooted in total freedom of expression and you can feel the passion in every track. It is a modern sound with lots of power, meaningful lyrics, dense beats with a sawtooth ambience. It is highly original, expansive electronica with an artful edge. Welcome to the sound that is Vague Notion.