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Tin Gun is the brainchild of 3 musicians from Tintagel, UK. The trio isn’t “…just making a lot of noise and have fun doing it!”  Instead, they are all about taking the listening audience on a musical journey. Producing a variety of edgy alternative electronic music that tells a story within each song about the daily conflicts people face. Whether it is social, political or personal “taking a stand” is the main common theme that is expressed while providing an uplifting energetic, hard driving vibe that appeals to the masses that is bound to get you moving! 

[Genre: edgy electro rock, alternative, dance, synth, retro ‘80s] 

On Screen - the Tin Gun character is presented in the form of a mysterious dark edgy hooded figure with an air of danger present as he shows up in the most obscure settings. What has never been understood is ‘why’ this individual casts a shadow that resembles a gun, even though he’s never been seen using one.  Hence, the name ‘Tin Gun’ came about. So, the question remains…is this character a bad apple ..or…is his presence to give attention to the danger that lurks within as without? You decide. 

Band Members: Who ARE these guys? Perhaps in time, their true identities will be revealed in a LIVE performance, but for now the musicians prefer to keep the focus on the music and the message (s) that they create. We hope you enjoy the vibe and help to spread the word!

Their debut single ' We Are Not Your Enemy' will be released 11th October 2019 but you can pre order it now on BANDCAMP

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