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Revival Synth is proud to bring you Sheffield based, solo artist,


Following on from his previous two albums 'These Stranger Things' & 'The Singles 81, 82', Tramontano Music has just released his new album 'Replicant'. A 12 track album focused on blending classic synth pop sounds with 80s synthwave vibes. There's additional instrumentals such as 'Last Kiss Goodbye' and the pulsating 'Transcient', a track that would blast the roof off your car on a hot summers day. 

I'm a huge fan of Fonz, not just for his music but the way he supports the scene and other artists. As he says, he doesn't release music for financial gain, he does it for his passion of music.

'just had the pleasure of listening to Tramontano Music's new album "Replicant", all 56 minutes of it and I have to say I really enjoyed it!! I was never really into the synthwave music untill I heard Tramontanos first album and now I am a true convert. I especially like the tracks with Fonz's vocals, very catchy and great melodies. The synth parts are simply brilliant and takes you on a journey that you fully appreciate when listening to the complete album from start to finish. If You are a fan of the series "stranger things" then like me you will love this album. Give it a listen on Spotify and you won't be disapointed'  Zenon Boczar

Check him out on the links below and judge for yourselves!

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