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Christmas Synth 2019

CrazyHeads EP – Analogue Electronic Whatever – Release November 2019 

‘Everything is not what it seems, It just depends the way you see it’ AEW

Using cast-away sounds, re-cycled synths and drum machines AEW create a balance between pop structures and experimentation. The sounds and textures are crafted from vintage sources creating vibrant and evocative music that explores themes of politics, childhood, the natural world, and pop history. More than just revivalist AEW weave melodies, speech and atmospherics to capture moments and moods that summon a deep sense of nostalgia and the joys of things that go WOBBLE and BLEEP.

The second EP from this years cassette album ‘More Right than Wobble’ Features the tracks CrazyHeads, E4 Tomorrow and an additional brand new track – The Eyes have It. Released on limited edition clear vinyl, CD and download, we expect the lathe cut vinyl to quickly become a collectors item, with previous singles changing hands at £30+. All three tracks maintain the AEW unique take on utilising retro instrumentation and now further explores vocal textures and even an acoustic guitar makes the mix. Lyrical themes reflect the current fast-moving turmoil of UK and international politics, post industrialisation and life in general.

CrazyHeads - is a warped indie synthpop song that addresses the psychotic nature and paranoia of society today.

E4 Tomorrow - draws influences from Kraftwerk and Sci-Fi soundtracks to produce an eco awareness driven synthwave must have track.

The Eyes Have It  - develops the psychedelic electro leanings of AEW and has added’ Gothy’ influenced tinges.

The Cassette albums lead streaming single –  How to Fly/The Owl Service  gained many radio plays and is now available on Spotify etc. Throughout the album, 80’s inspired electro instrumentation and industrial sounds are twisted and warped to bring them crashing into 2019. Drawing on diverse influences from Devo, Kraftwerk, Fad Gadget and the Sci Fi noodling of the radio phonic workshop, the album has an individual timeless feel that ‘delivers a damn fine slice of kooky kitsch from the AEW folk’ - Mark Barton, the Sunday Experience, Blog

A short sample of the tracks is here on Soundcloud

Release schedule

November 15th- CrazyHeads released on Spotify and streaming media.

November 22nd -  Pre-order release date for Vinyl/CD on Bandcamp.

November 29th -  Vinyl Single, CD and download released on Bandcamp

  E4 Tomorrow released on Spotify and streaming media

December 12th- The Eyes Have It released on Spotify and streaming media.



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