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SINGLE : Maybe Someday?

RELEASE : 15/3/2021 

followed by a video release 21/3/2021

Platronic are (brilliant):

Kay Burden - singer/songwriter (Germany)

Some-E - composer/producer (Finland)



Unfortunately many binational couples remain apart due to COVID19 travel restrictions since months. Platronic as a binational duo wants to support the #loveisnottourism movement and decided to dedicate this song to the couples all over the world who are longing and suffering!

MAYBE SOMEDAY? is a very emotional and atmospherical acid symphony influenced by the sound of 80s icons like Kraftwerk, early OMD, German Synthpop Band Propaganda (Claudia Brücken) and of course Depeche Mode.

This is a song about Love & Hope! Platronic is deeply hoping that MAYBE SOMEDAY will turn into a SOON or NOW to reunite all these desperate lovers, couples and families all over the world!


Platronic was founded by Finnish composer-producer Some-E and singer-songwriter Kay Burden from Germany.

What started 2019 on Instagram with the idea of doing a track together in the foreseeable future, surprisingly turned into a real duo on the 24th of February 2020!

Platronic released their debut single “Pride” in July 2020 and it has been very well received by the indie electronic music scene. End of August Kay and Sami finally got to meet and rehearsed together for the first time in Helsinki.

The second release Dreams in October 2020 reached position 17 on the official German Alternative Charts. Their self produced debut video, which tells the story of the band, was published in January 2020. But how do they sound like? Music experts from the UK and the US described the style as an interesting mix of bands like Kirlian Camera, VNV Nation and ABBA but still sounding unique. “There’s no formula here, just two artists doing what they do very, very well.”



Revival Synth is pleased to introduce to you, Adnama a solo artist from Vancouver, Canada. 

Adnama’s sound is heavily influenced by 80’s bands & artists who came out of the U.K. and New York City. 

Her latest single Pissed in the Disco was released on February 21, 2021. Synth-pop, deep beats with a futuristic disco vibe. 

Stop Crying Out Loud was released in February, 2019 and was inspired by synth-pop, new wave artists breaking out of the UK in the late 70’s and 80’s.

Meat Machine was released June 18, 2018. An exploration of a more electronic sound echoing back to the synth bands of the 80’s.

Ghost Like Me, her debut album, was released independently in June 2017. The album's sound is simple, stripped down, intimate yet powerful.

Check her out on the links below, you won't be disappointed!

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