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RELEASED : 16/12/2021

Full Eclipse - ''Survival was originally released in 2015 on 30th Floor Records, a netlabel created by Mike George that gave new, independent electronic music producers a platform and a showcase for their work.

I first tuned into TFR sometime around 2014 and was blown away by the energy and diversity of the music available on their website. I was also impressed by and grateful for Mike G's willingness to give unknown electronic artists the time of day, providing their music with a broader audience and letting their work speak for itself without concern for genre categorization or branding.

What I lacked in recording experience I hoped to make up for in passion and honesty, and I threw myself into writing the Survival EP with all the enthusiasm and excitement of a new owner of an old Yamaha DX-7 gripped by the desire to express himself using electronic instruments. Despite some pretty serious limitations in my recording and mixing abilities, Mike must have heard something in these five songs that he thought warranted some scrutiny, and the rest is the continuing story of Full Eclipse.

The intention of this new edition of the Survival EP (skillfully engineered by the incomparable Martyn Stonehouse) was to retain all the passion, raw energy and ideas in the original music, but also to clean up and reconfigure the mixing, mastering and arrangements to better suit any and all listening devices and, by extension, the ears that are tuned into them.''

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A confluence of musicianship and production stemming from both coasts, Woves emits a blacklight from between the darker folds of the alt-wave scene. Singer-Songwriter and LA-based producer Josh Ricchio (Freak Owls, Pela, Will Phåråoh), NYC-based producer Kolby Wade (Imaginary People, Will Phåråoh), and singer songwriter Emily Zuzik (Moby, Enchanted Kids, Tim Lefebvre) unite their respective influences to create thematic indie-electronic songs, reminiscent of a drive through the neon lights of nostalgic nights. Ricchio and Wade layer palpitating synths and opalescent guitars with analog drum machines underneath Zuzik’s seductive and mesmerizing alto, weaving threads of every color in and around the confines of every song. Ricchio lends his voice to backing and lead throughout, both vocalists feeding off of each other’s disparate styles.

Their brilliant debut album 'Chaos Mesa' was released on Retro Reverb Records and it is available on all digital platforms. Click HERE for the bancamp link.

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