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RELEASE : 19/5/2021


Kiffie, real name Daniel, first started producing and composing music in April 2020. Over the next 6 months he learned the basics of music production using audacity, a digital piano, a drum machine and a monophonic synthesizer to sequence leads and basslines.

In September 2020 he joined twitter to meet more composers and producers, to seek feedback and listeners. He ended up being welcomed into the ‘New Music’ community. Over the next few months he regularly shared every song and tune he created, being inspired by what he heard his peers producing. 

Some of his music, including some early experiments, can be heard on the Spotify below.

Then, very suddenly, in the first two weeks of January 2021 he composed, produced and released a full 10 track concept album. The album started off as a list and a question. How will it end? The album that was produced ‘Eight Ways it Ends’ was rough around the edges but artistic and coherent. It was this album that made the twitter community really notice Kiffie as an artist to watch. ‘Not the End Yet’, the final track on the album was played on the Chris Watts show In The Moog NCCR and from there an explosion of creativity occurred.

The CD version of ‘Eight Ways it Ends’ is available here.

Over the past 4 months Kiffie produced and released 4 more albums and two E.P.s, each showing different facets of his music that attempted to communicate subtle emotions.

One of the E.Ps, 'Fractured Features' was a collaborative effort with the artists Kiffie had connected with on Twitter, including Jamie Jamal, Slundarq, Wiley Soule, Better in the Dark, Mandy Alicia and Steve Deeley.

Influenced by everything he has ever heard, transposed to retro-modern synth-pop, Kiffie’s sound is still developing but it always includes TR08 beats, layered synths, melodic piano and haunting vocals.

About ‘Home’

Home is an album in the process of being written with the artist known as Pulse Lab. Kiffie has consciously decided to slow down the rate of release, not through lack of ideas, but in order to focus more on quality. 

The title track ‘home’ is a culmination of everything he has learned over the last year. The most uplifting song he has written, and a step up in quality, it continues the tradition of collaboration and is a ‘thank you’ to the community for their friendship, help and patience.

Kiffie also plans to release a ‘showcase’ or ‘best of’ album that features 10 tracks that represent his work so far.

Stay up to date with all his releases and news below.






RELEASED : 14/6/2021

Violet Orchestra is a London based electronic duo, which combines the talents of Greek composer/Producer/Keyboardist - Spiros Maus, and English singer/lyricist Sister Nyx.

With big synths, buoyant melodies, lavish arrangements and honey dripping vocals, Violet Orchestra's sound is stylish, distinctive, dreamy and transcendent, with a touch of 80s nostalgia.


In their new single ‘Sunshine Yellow’, Violet Orchestra beautifully blur the lines between electronic and classical.

Their dreamy new track is all about bright new beginnings – making it the perfect addition to any starting-over playlist.

Reflective of the title, ‘Sunshine Yellow’ also evokes the magic of summer, transporting you to warm-weather vibes from any location.


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