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RELEASED : 18/9/2020

Mattias and Lino had gathered a few times a year, the last decade, in a cabin outside Stockholm, Sweden to create music. Years went by and the stock of songs grew but they felt something was missing. They decided to post an ad on Facebook for a singer and a songwriter, in hope of finding someone who felt as passionate for their music as they did.

Magnus answered the call and instantly fell in love with their music. Magnus had been writing songs for over 20 years and was in the middle of a three year long writer's block when he saw the ad and the timing couldn’t have been better. The combination of  Mattias and Linos synth flavoured retro music and Magnus characteristic voice and lyrics turned out to be a winning concept.

The result is MORE, a melancholic and balanced synth pop band with a retro shimmering tone and a current state of mind.

MORE’s debut single ”Sentimental Sounds” was released on 24/4/2020 on Bandcamp and all major platforms, shortly followed by their second single “Story Goes On” released on  22/5/2020.

MORE’s first ep titled EPONE was released on the 23/7/2020 and it is a five track ep which is the first of several upcoming eps.

Their latest offering is ‘Constant Loops’ the third single from their forthcoming album ‘Sentimental Sounds’. A track that’s guaranteed to torment the hell out of your eardrums when you have your headphones on full blast! If you like Solar Fake, you’ll enjoy the pulsating sounds of MORE.

Date of album release yet to be announced.

Check out MORE and follow them on their links below :




Debut Single - Hold Me Down

Release : 18/9/2020

Test Card Girl is a solo project by Manchester, UK singer/songwriter Catherine Burgis who started unexpectedly writing songs in 2019 aged 35. Bored of an admin-based existence, Catherine set off on a song-writing journey into all corners of her mind, simultaneously becoming a stand-up comedian touring the country with a novelty miniature keyboard. In late 2019 she began working with producer Dave Fidler on her upcoming debut album 'Seven Dolls' and featured on Tom Robinson's Fresh On the Net ‘Fresh Faves' list in June 2020. 

She takes her name from the iconic image of the girl and clown used on UK television to signal the end of evening broadcasting - a girl trapped in a technicolour world of screens and machines.

'Holds Me Down' is an optimistic lofi Indie Pop love song stacking folk harmonies over retro 80's/90's synthesizers. 

Test Card Girl draws on the musical giants of her Manchester, UK heritage echoing the punchy synths of New Order and the confessional songwriting of Guy Garvey and John Bramwell.

''Woodstock flower power revisited! Joni Mitchell style vocal indiepopped with retro synths ''

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