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Artist and Producer XENNON has released the first single from his upcoming concept album “Dark of a Distant World”, which is inspired by the sci-fi and fantasy movies of the 80s such as The Neverending Story and Masters of the Universe. The album will take the listener on a journey to other worlds as we follow Kurt, a boy who holds the key to saving the planet Eternicron, and embarks on an adventure that transcends time and space. 

XENNON is a Producer from the U.K who up until recently was based in Tokyo, Japan, where a lot of his inspirations stem from. He is heavily influenced by the synthesizers and sounds of the 80s and has aimed to deliver something that not only takes us back to that time, but also mixes it with a modern and contemporary sound that can appeal to a wider audience. 

XENNON also curates the Spotify playlist “Synthwave Sounds” which has gained a lot of popularity within the Synthwave scene and has allowed many artists to be recognized, including himself. The playlist has recently gained 40,000 followers.

The concept and featured artwork is by Travis Wright, who continues to work with XENNON on all releases and stories.

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The debut single 'Pride' from Platronic.

available on all major platforms on 10th July 2020

Platronic are Kay Burden : singer/songwriter (Germany) Some-E : composer/producer (Finland)

 PRIDE is the debut single of Suomi-Saksa (Finnish-German) synthpop duo Platronic. A thrilling song about love, passion and inner conflict, influenced by 80‘s icons like A-ha, Roxette and Yazoo. This emotional synth rock number is carried by the seductive voice of Kay Burden and a very catchy synth hookline of sound tinkerer Some-E. 

What started in 2019 on Instagram with the idea of doing a collab track in the foreseeable future, surprisingly turned – two remixes and a couple of very promising shared song ideas later - into a real DUO project! 

On the 24th of February 2020 Kay Burden and Some-E formed Platronic - coincidentally on the EBM Day! 

But what do they sound like? Well, imagine that Yazoo, VNV Nation and Roxette had met at a party and decided to do music together... Sweet with Roughness! 

Saksa-Suomi (German-Finnish) Duo Platronic captures the best of Futurepop, Synthwave, EBM, New Wave & Synthpop of the 80s to create danceable, dreamy and daring sounds and melodies that will burn themselves into one‘s mind.

Revival Synth Says :

Pump up the volume and listen to PRIDE, a track that sounds like it's had all the hits of 81 blended together with the expertise of a modern producer and the dreamy vocals of Kay Burden, making this one of the contenders to be a Track of The Year! No doubt!

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