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HYBRID SPIRITS have released this brilliant new charity single to raise money for people across the globe who are affected by Covid-19. Whilst lockdown restrictions are gradually easing in the UK, there are communities across the globe who are still at severe risk. For £1.50 you can buy an uplifting song AND raise money at the same time! And of course, you can donate more than the cost of the song if you’d like to. In order to keep production costs down they have decided not to produce a physical CD at this time. The song can be streamed via the Bandcamp app or you can download it as a music file to play at your leisure.
Rain or Shine” echoes feelings of solidarity and togetherness during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is an uplifting song of hope and sunshine combining powerful electronic music with driving guitars. It includes messages of positivity such as “Come rain or come shine with all the love that we feel inside”, “Gather round your people and face towards the sun” and “We’re so much stronger together”, along with pauses for reflection between verses and choruses.
It has been written during the Covid-19 pandemic to raise money for the International Committee of The Red Cross. We will donate 90% of income received* from sales on Bandcamp to The International Committee of the Red Cross following their “Covid-19 Emergency Appeal” to raise 800 million Swiss Francs to assist the world’s most vulnerable. 

Their appeal can be seen at :
Please do share the link to this song with your friends, families and communities. We need to raise as much money as possible to help those in need across the globe.



The new single by Munatix : You Just Keep Me Hanging On

Released : 31/7/2020

This is release number 5 by Munatix, an electronic synthpop band, initiated by Ricky and Josh.

Both located in Genk, having met in a former band, they noticed a shared passion for music.

Ricky °1980, takes up the role of lead singer. Josh °1975, focusses on composing and producing.

Inspiration is coming from electronic instruments and an interest for vintage analog gear. Josh is being sparked by synth guru’s and bands as Vince Clarke, Jean Michel Jarre, Chromeo.

Ricky is at heart a gifted guitar player with a love for Jimi Hendrix. Together they color their music.

For now, the emphasis is on writing music. Next phase will be setting up a live act and gig live.

Check out this brilliant new single and follow them on the links below. You'd be Munatix not to ;-)



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