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RELEASE : 24/11/2020

Revival Synth is pleased to bring you the 2nd single from Kay Burden & Some-E aka Platronic.

Following on from the well received debut single 'Pride', Platronic return with another fine offering titled 'DREAMS'

DREAMS is the most important song for Platronic so far, because it has been actually the reason for them to form a band. 

Kay was planning her solo career as Finnish composer and producer Some-E sent her this video: a piano intro, a song idea that touched her deeply. She immediately had a vocal melody and lyrics for his composition in her head...and they were excited. 

It felt like both could communicate with each other through the music and realize, that they have found their musical soulmates! 

The result is a driving, emotional and hypnotic track which is evoking a reminiscence of 90’s Futurepop with a touch of EBM and an early Depeche Mode and Eurythmics vibe.

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New EP - Of Time - Remixed

Released : October 30th 2020

Four years ago this month, San Francisco-based group New Spell released ‘Rain,’ the first single of the group’s three-part Of Time EP series. Over time, the group’s layered, synth-based aesthetic came increasingly into focus, as introspective themes were woven throughout. The collection is a meta-narrative, simultaneously reflecting the impact of living in a time of unprecedented upheaval, while also acknowledging the idea that music itself is a means by which we decorate time.

Today, the dark indie-pop project announces a collection of meticulously reimagined songs from this era of music-making. Of Time (Remixed) is an EP featuring remixes by Northern California-based artists known to the band. Spanning a range of indie-electro, wave, glitch, and dance genres, the EP contains experimental passages, moody synth bass, and vibey vintage and modern electronic sounds.

New Spell - spearheaded by vocalist and songwriter Leanne Kelly in collaboration with drummer Jacob Frautschi and producer Max Savage is known for lavish indie-pop that has garnered favorable comparisons to Chromatics, Fever Ray, and Beach House. In Of Time (Remixed), the group’s sharp, pop-informed writing is still highlighted prominently through distinct sonic treatments that enliven the often-melancholy original tunes. Opening track ‘Home,’ a fan favorite, receives a new wave reworking by post-punk/darkwave artist Vandal Moon and features duet vocals and sparkling arpeggiated figures. The indie-electro remix of ‘Easier’ by producer Akiyoshi Ehara (of The Seshen) follows, a mesmerizing modern adaptation that is at once shimmering, cerebral, and buoyant. Meditative and experimental, ‘You Win (CTRO Remix)’ propels the collection forward and is followed by an indietronica take by Adam Brookes of ‘Like Water,’ a song about connecting with others in the digital age. Next, an anthemic, gothic edit of ‘Never Change' by cybersynth artist Senzatimore entrances with dramatic drums and ominous organs. Finally, the dynamic EDM rendition of ‘Rain (Maitre D Remix)’ closes the collection where Of Time began—with a dystopian dance ode to our uncertain future.

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