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SINGLE : Outpost X

RELEASE : 11/2/2021

Neon.Deflector is a synthwave producer from Berlin, Germany.

He grew up in the 80s enjoying all synthesizer based music. He had strong influences from all kinds of electronic music through the past decades. Out now is his new single 'Outpost X',  After traveling through the mystic artifact, you find yourself on a remote desert planet. Here lives a civilization based on the combination of high-tech and archaic beliefs. Discover an ancient prophecy and be ready for the mysteries in "Outpost X".

Full story video by the incredible artist @sirrandalot is available below.



Neon.Deflector -


Revival Synth is pleased to introduce to you, Jules & Noni aka FancyNormal.

The Melbourne duo started their journey during the covid pandemic and quickly set about releasing their debut single 'Ultra Passions' followed by their 2nd release 'Sober Spaceman', two tracks full of energy, warmth, smooth vocals, and colourful retro synthpop that lifts your spirits in these uncertain times.

Is that all we have, fear not! FancyNormal have just released their EP, Starters & Appetizers, a five track EP that includes the first 2 releases and an additional 3 tracks,  Private Wine  - Sad Champagne - and a very impressive instrumental in the form of Butterflies & SSRIs.

A very joyous, fresh, uplifting set of tracks that make you want to head out into the sunset and search for that thing we call 'Normal'. Well, you'll find some of it with FancyNormal!

Check them out on the links below, you won't be disappointed!

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