PARIS 1984

Stereo Thierry Noritop & Bernie Adam released their first album ‘Assembly Line’. It included the tracks, ‘No More’, ‘Moonshine’, ‘Nowhere In The Island’ and


New York City 2008

Minimal Wave Records released the complete STEREO 1982/1985 work on the album ‘Somewhere In The Night’.

( 4 stars on UNCUT - June 2009 )

PARIS 2018

Thierry Noritop from STEREO released his first solo album under the name of


The album was called ‘Somewhere Out There’ and it included the brilliant tracks, ‘Flowers On The Moon’, ‘Skytrain’, ‘Electric City of Light’ & ‘Secret Secret’.

As a bonus track on the digital release, the 2016 demo version of ‘TV News’ was added.

Paris & Hamburg 2020

A new version of ‘TV News’ featuring the amazing vocals of KAY BURDEN is produced and the track has also been remixed by Claudio Angehrn & Christian Lattmann of Mystic Experience.

The digital EP will be available on Friday 20th March 2020 and it will include 3 remixes and a new version.

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