On June 19th, Projekt Ich released the second single “Sexy Silly Girl” from the upcoming second studio album which will be released via Echozone in autumn / winter 2021.

For this single, Ulf was able to get the vocal support of Thierry Noritop from Stereo In Solo. Thierry is co-founder of the French band STEREO – well-known for their underground hits “Somewhere In The Night“, “No More“, “Moonshine“ and “Waiting In Vain“. He wrote the lyrics and plays an important part in shaping the song by his remarkable voice and an excellently played guitar riff.

Now, another version of the original track will be released in form of a special single edition.

Dutch producer Mike Di Bello (madbello) is totally committed to electronic house music. In a minimum of time, he created three remix versions of “Sexy Silly Girl” as well as a video edit based on the three remixes and produced a video clip that will be released on the same day as the single.

The special single edition “Sexy Silly Girl [madbello remix-edition]” will be released on August 7th. The songs will be available for download in all relevant online stores.

Markus Kühnel from Nocturnal Studios designed the front cover as well as all further artwork for the single release.

Projekt Ich featuring Stereoinsolo "Sexy Silly Girl"

remixed by Dutch producer Mike Di Bello (madbello).

New remixed version of the original track will be released in form of a special single edition on ECHOZONE available

Friday 7th August 2020.

Video release on YouTube the same day !!!

Video teaser :


"Sexy Silly Girl" is the second single from the forthcoming second studio album, following the successful debut album “By Train Through Countries”.

Check the previous remixed "Sexy Silly Girl" LP : https://shop.echozone.de/ean/4260101576095

Remix contributions by Elmodic (DE), L_iGH_T (ES), Outsized (CH), People Theatre (FR), Volker Bedra VOUL (DE), diarblack_official (DE), BlueForge (DE), VYRTUAL ZOCIETY (MX), Ideophobia (RU), Patrik Kambo (SE), Mark Loodewijk (NL), The Bear Cave II (BE), Terrance Pryor (US), Hoof (NL), BloodConnek7ion (AR), Dark Vanilla (DE) and Faltenhall (DE).

Stereo in Solo : https://www.stereo-web.biz

Projekt Ich aka Ulf Müller : https://projektich-musik.de

Madbello : https://open.spotify.com/artist/4nI0uSyXLmm39KaMkdCvtb

About Stereo In Solo

PARIS 1984

Stereo Thierry Noritop & Bernie Adam released their first album ‘Assembly Line’. It included the tracks, ‘No More’, ‘Moonshine’, ‘Nowhere In The Island’ and


New York City 2008

Minimal Wave Records released the complete STEREO 1982/1985 work on the album ‘Somewhere In The Night’.

( 4 stars on UNCUT - June 2009 )

PARIS 2018

Thierry Noritop from STEREO released his first solo album under the name of


The album was called ‘Somewhere Out There’ and it included the brilliant tracks, ‘Flowers On The Moon’, ‘Skytrain’, ‘Electric City of Light’ & ‘Secret Secret’.

As a bonus track on the digital release, the 2016 demo version of ‘TV News’ was added.

Paris & Hamburg 2020

A new version of ‘TV News’ featuring the amazing vocals of KAY BURDEN was released in March 2020 and the track was also remixed by Claudio Angehrn & Christian Lattmann of Mystic Experience.

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