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Blondeking is an indie retro-forward band that often takes its Influences from the late 1970s to mid-1980s alternative music. Based primarily in Salt Lake City, UT, Blondeking was formed in 2017.

Blondeking counts bands like Joy Division/New Order, Throbbing Gristle, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Nitzer Ebb as influences which is highlighted in his track "Intimation.

With "Intimation", Blondeking once again delves into sounds that drove the 80’s underground. Blondeking’s front man said, “When thinking about this release and the single “Say it” in particular, I wanted to look back to the era of genre pioneers like WaxTrax records and also to explore how digital sampling was shaping music in particular.”

Alternative dance and industrial music were taking shape in the early to mid-1980s with bands like Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Cabaret Voltaire, and Front 242. They were redefining and expanding the alternative music landscape. “These bands were pushing the boundaries of what synths could do in a different way than more mainstream synths artists were doing. In the early days of all synth bands, many critics called synth music ‘light’ or ‘cheesy’. These bands proved that synths could be anti-establishment and could have a voice that screamed out just as loud as the Sex Pistols.”




Blondeking.. I am so excited for this one! I feel like it sounds pretty darn good on guitar. Obviously the Joe Jackson original is the best but it’s so fun producing an alternate view of the song. I hope you like this one too!!!



Blondeking's cover of OMD's “Souvenir” is now available everywhere! The original has been a favorite of his for many years. It is one of those songs that he can put headphones on, look up at the clouds, or close his eyes and disappear into. Not many songs do that to him. It is also one of the songs that helped him connect with being a synth player in his youth. 
He was raised on a lot of different music and, in particular classical. So early on in his songwriting, he gravitated to the feel of what orchestral style arrangments could do. Not saying he is some kind of a maestro or anything, but "Souvenir" was everything that aligned with his way of thinking, and he has always wished he had written it. 
He wanted to stay true to how the song feels to him emotionally while still making it sound like a Blondeking track. He kinda likes the Mellotron flute for the lead synth.




Great news! Along with the new song “Most Painful Thing” Blondeking has released a compilation of recent tracks into an album called “Mortal Calm”. There are 3 new tracks along with singles like “Higher Than The Rain” and “Absolution”.

A deeply affecting album of electronic melancholy, enriched with 80's-esque timbres and tonalities, has been crafted. 

Capturing the bittersweetness of rememberance, it captures its listener in a potent concoction of nostalgia and longing.

The euphony is punctuated by unique yet expressive productionchoices, interweaving melodic arpeggios and sombre synth pads to achieve an affect that is as compelling as it is emotiver. its percussive elements are juxtaposed cleverly against each other, whilst subtle shifts in dynamics create lush moments of ambience for the listener to revel in.

An unvarnished journey through memory and emotion, this work of art truly stands apart from the crowd!



BLONDEKING : ''It's a little darkwave with a hint of Giorgio Moroder in a couple of spots. I know it might be weird to release a song so close to my last but I am working toward having a new release each month and so we get to have a fun journey together!

This is a bit darker than “Absolution” and it's about the struggles of coming to grips with the curves life throws us. And even though you might not be where you thought you wanted to be, there is always a chance to wash away that future and pain that scares you and start fresh. Reinvention! ''.

Out now on BANDCAMP and then all the usual streaming sites from the 25th March 2022

 ABSOLUTION : February 2022
Thomas aka BLONDEKING : '' Absolution started life out as an industrial style track almost in the vein of Skinny Puppy but over the course of production, it morphed into what you hear today, a synth-heavy dance tune with a slight lean to funk/dance''.
Available to download from Bandcamp and all the usual streaming sites
RELEASED 13/8/2021
Thomas aka BLONDEKING "Higher than the rain" is a definite turn to a more indie rock refrain than the usual synth-heavy tracks from Blondeking. There are pastoral vocals here syncing with a soundtrack that appears to have taken the sixties for its inspiration. A collection of chiming chords, wispy vocals, and at times a descent into progressive rock. In other words, chin-stroking from an artist that has avoided such things up to this point. - Feedback from an early listener.

Thinking Humans is the new EP from Blondeking, released on 19/6/2020, this EP is a celebration of amazing things humans do and in particular songwriters and artists. ⁣This is an EP where he covers a few songs that he just loves.
Here is the tracklisting:⁣ Love is a Shield⁣ (Originally by  Camouflage ) This is how it feels (Originally by Inspiral Carpets) Weirdo⁣ (Originally by New Order) Cerulean⁣ (Originally by The Ocean Blue)  Misunderstanding⁣  (Originally by The Grapes of Wrath
For Blondeking, “Misunderstanding” is the standout single. He put it last on the EP because it is one of those songs that makes him want to hit repeat and it’s the encapsulation of the sound he was going for on this EP. It also is the segue into the follow-up EP (coming soon) of all original songs, titled “Human Thinking”. 
Anyway, he is very excited to share this EP with you. OUT NOW!

In the past, Blondeking has worked with Grammy award-winning Producer, Philip Larsen, one-half of the duo Manhattan Clique, on a remix of the song called “Far Away My Soul”. The remix titled “Far Away My Soul – Philip Larsen Saints and Sinners Remix” showcases the song in a different light with a light “house” vibe and a richer mix.

Following that project, Blondeking asked Philip to help on a cover of New Order’s “Weirdo”. Once again he worked his magic with incredible results.