Revival Synth is always delighted to showcase the talents of artists that may be unknown to the masses, and we're delighted to introduce to you Jordana & Tom aka Moon And Aries.

A dynamic duo that have been on our radar for some time now and they kindly took time out of their busy schedules to discuss everything about themselves.

Please note : At the time of compiling the questions, 'KNOTS' was their latest single. Happy to tell you their current track as of 11/8/2023 is 'Blurred Vision'.

Sit back, enjoy their music, and read all about them.

Q. How long have you been recording as Moon and Aries, and what is your primary mission as a collective musical project?

First of all: Thanks for having us here! We are very happy to talk more about us and our music. 

About your question: We met on Instagram in spring 2020. In the time when COVID made it impossible for musicians to play live. Each of us was pursuing his solo project at the time and we were both fans of the other from the first second. We felt a connection between us right then. After long and very good conversations we decided to do one song together ("Never-Ending Escape"). We are now sure: already then we knew intuitively that it will be the beginning of a long journey together and not just a song written together.

Well, to make it short: We realized during the time that we are a real perfect match: Tom composes and produces the songs - Jordana writes the lyrics and sings them. We both have our strengths there and can live them out perfectly in our songs. Two connected music mirror souls.

Our mission? Hmmm. We have a deep driving desire to raise the vibrations and activate a higher version of reality with our music. We hope to hook the listeners into our sensual, uplifting and spiritually charged Universe of sound. Very often we get a reaction that the listeners feel better during and after listening to our songs. Thinking about the content of our songs and wondering what their feelings are about it. 

This makes us very happy and is perhaps our real mission.


Q. What other projects were you involved in before your paths crossed?

Jordana: At the time Tom and I met, we were both collaboratoring with other people, or making music completely on our own. I had just released a 5 song EP - very RnB, Neo Soul inspired - and I actually had even composed each song for that EP as well. But I don't have a lot of confidence in my composition skills, that's where Tom comes in. He is a World class composer, and that allows me to just focus on the story, the words and my vocals.

Tom: In principle, we have both been making music for a long time and have had similar experiences. I made soundtracks for short films and video games in my youth and then sang and played keyboards in various bands in my early 20s. In different genres of music: Electronic music but also rock, blues, jazz. Finally, only composing pure instrumental pieces as a solo artist - until we met to be MOON AND ARIES.


Q. Who are your musical influences, and if you could collaborate with one of them, who would it be?

Jordana : I'd have to say Portishead, Massive Attack, Sade, Lisa Stansfield, Kate Bush, Tori Amos and even Barry Gibb!! I so look up to the BeeGees as incredible songwriters. Any of those legends would be absolutely epic. 

Tom : So many! From ABBA, Depeche Mode or even Portishead, Massive Attack, Röyksopp, Jean-Michel Jarre, Olafur Arnalds....Jordana and I could list more legendary bands / artists for hours. ☺….But what stands out is that Jordana and I tend to love the music of the 70s/80s/early 90s. Those were the decades with the most creative and inspiring music. Especially after 2000, there wasn't much good stuff coming out. 

But if I had to choose: OK….Depeche Mode - my favorite band.  


Q. You've been together for a couple of years, extremely busy writing new songs, 25 to date if I’m not wrong. Could you describe your creative processes? How do you go about shaping ideas into a completed song?

In fact, we are surprised ourselves how many songs there are already. And we are writing the new album right now and still have so many ideas and stories to share.

All our songs are basically based on our conversations about life, experiences, the current situation and what the future will bring or what we dream about. In principle, our songs are more cinematic soundtracks for individual episodes and phases in life. Give us a topic or a keyword and we love to express our thoughts, feelings, emotions in a song about it. Theme songs. For every precious moment - no matter if it is beautiful, painful or full of longing.


Q. What do you feel are the key elements in your music that should resonate with listeners?

Our songs are full of honest thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We dig very deep into the true inner core of ourselves and sometimes go through painful experiences from the past. A lot of our songs are about letting go. To release. To face your inner demons, fears, dreams, and longings and to develop yourself further. We are not assigned to a specific genre or just one topic. We're always looking for the sound and lyrics that fit our main song theme. If you like these kind of songs and "storytelling" - you will like our handmade, honest, reflected songs.


Q. Your new single ‘Knots was released 22/6/23, a song full of inspiration and encouragement. Is that a form of lyric writing that you like to pursue within your music?

Jordana: For me, there is no other way. I always layer in problem/ reaction/ solution into my lyrics. Man vs Himself. Man vs the system. Basically the Hero's Journey in a nutshell. My relationship with myself. My relationship with others. My relationship with God/ Universe. I'm only interested in writing music where there is a higher level of spiritual resolve and putting the puzzle pieces together so the listener can feel connected, reassured, comforted and confident after they listen. This is always my goal.


Q. Its predecessor ‘Resolutions’ was released a couple of months before. Are these tracks from a new album? If so, when will it be released?

Yes! The new album will be called "Resolutions and Revolutions" and will be released in spring 2024. With (as of today...) 12 songs in total.


Q. Cool! ‘Resolutions and Revolutions’..What does the album’s title reveal, if anything, about the album’s impact and themes? And how does it differ from ‘Break The Matrix & ‘The Arrival’?

"The Arrival" and "Break The Matrix" were more concept albums. Self-contained in the type of music and choice of subject. In the new album all 12 songs will be very different in music direction this time. There will be some surprises. Both in terms of the lyrics as well as the respective musical influences and elements. Not a concept album but a theme song album - 12 individual themes: combined into a very special musical journey.


Q. You shared the vocals on the album ‘Break The Matrix’, have you repeated that on the new album?

Not yet. Of course, we both love to sing! The main voice is and remains But not all 12 songs are finished yet. Maybe there will be another duet. Let yourself be surprised.


Q. Do you plan to tour with this album?

We both love to perform LIVE! But it's not easy to organize, since we live apart from each other with a time difference of 9 hours. Jordana Moon in western Canada and Tom Aries in western Germany. So yes, that's the plan - but we need at least financing for the flight costs and equipment / additional musicians. We're working on that right now!


Q. Do you use guest musicians on any of your albums, or are they all self-produced?

Exciting question! Yes, in fact we continue to write all our songs entirely by ourselves. But we also have songs on the new album where we are supported by an excellent saxophone player, for example. But we don't want to reveal more just yet.


Q. Do you have a personal favorite track in your catalog that has a hidden message or a meaning very special to you?

Jordana: oh boy, so many hidden messages haha I layer them into every song. Sometimes I don't even know fully what each song is about until a few months later ! To have that level of self awareness is Godly. As far as which one is more special than another … I'd say Take Me Home. Because this song is about my inability to be grounded and stay in one place. I have moved so many times it's embarrassing. And my desire to be relaxed and accepting in my current setting, is what lead to Take Me Home. I needed to stop running, as the lyrics say. Another song that comes to mind where the layers are deep to the point where I didn't even know that the song was about until I was singing it one day, long after the release, is our song Cold. In the end, the song has a lot to do with what I went through as a single Mom. 

Tom: For me of course “Losing Control”. The song with my lyrics – based on a very sad time in my life and overcoming these hard times. 

But out of all our songs (released): “The Arrival” is my favorite song. This song has something very special. Oh! And “Illumination Society” and…and…and…


Q. Does the time barrier between Canada & Germany get frustrating especially when you’re producing new music?

Surprisingly not. It works very well over the distance, and we don't really feel it either. Of course, especially our magical mixing and mastering engineers (thanks so much dear Chris and Francois!!!) would have a lot less work with us if we could all be in one studio with high-class equipment. But the way we work together over a distance is certainly unusual and imaginable for some. But not for us in our individual small home studios. We feel connected 24 hours a day. Hopefully you can hear that in the songs too.


Q. Other than file sharing and zoom, have you guys had the privilege of meeting each other?

(Laughing): No!!!!

And that's really hard to believe and has to change soon. We plan to meet in Canada soon. But maybe it won't be that special since we don't feel that "separated" at all. But of course we are very much looking forward to that day coming soon!


Q. What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Indie artists? And if you could ask the music industry to change one thing, what would it be?

Very often it is made very difficult for artists to develop their own sound. 

But it is important to be "unique". To make a difference. To tell a new story. 

Otherwise, you are just the endless cover version of a current hit song. 

The so-called music industry tries to squeeze everyone into a genre, a niche, or a box. To please the masses. So, it needs a strong vision and resilience.

In addition, you have to be very clear what limits you have and what you are willing to sacrifice - and what not!

About the music industry: From our point of view, it is changing anyway. 

There are a lot of negative things there. These have to change! Again, more human, and higher dimensional values oriented. Interested in diversity and real creativity! 


Q. If I was to check out your playlists right now, which artists/songs would I most likely to hear on your recently played list?

Jordana: It would probably be a tie between Portishead, Massive Attack and Eliza - she's an indie artist I really vibe with. But I'm really all over the place, I like something different everyday. Like right now, I'm obsessed with The Smiths and Morrissey. 

Tom: I am very obsessed with the actual Depeche Mode album - but also listening to some great German artists (Peter Fox, PaulWetz, Edwin Rosen, Kraftklub, AnnenMayKantereit….). They are the perfect soundtrack to the summer in Germany right now.    


Q. Other than the release of your new album, what else is in the pipeline?

The good news is that you don't have to wait for the album to hear new music from us. In the months of August, September, October, November there will be new songs (from the album) in advance as a single release. Also new creative videos! We are working on it with a lot of love and dedication!


Q. Is there anything further you would like to add?

We would like to take this opportunity not only to thank you for the great interview, but above all to say THANK YOU to all our listeners. For your great feedback and reactions to our music. That means a lot to us!


Thank you Jordana and Tom for taking the time out to answer these questions.

If I could add one more thing, my wife loves your music, she said you sound like Steps. I don’t hear it but I think it’s a compliment all the same.

What a lovely compliment and very best regards to your wife! That warms our hearts and makes us really happy! We look forward to sharing more music with her / you!