Special Feature - Johnny Normal

09/03/2015 00:00


Hi Everyone. This is a special feature dedicated to Johnny Normal.

It is nearly a year to the day that me and Johnny Normal completed a Q&A for Revival Synth and only hours later Johnny was fighting for his life and that is why his story holds a special place in my heart, not just because he is a friend but it shows how life can take such a nasty turn in a matter of hours. Liitle did we know the 'Man-Flu' joke would turn in to something so serious.

The way he has come through it has my upmost respect. Johnny now continues to bring awareness to such a killer disease as well as raising funds for the hospitals that saved his life. You can read the full story HERE (Daily Mail)

Johnny is still undergoing treatment for his ongoing recovery in which Johnny strives to achieve all he can after this near fatal illness.

This Saturday 14th March 2015, not only sees the return of Johnny Normal to the stage at Digital Darkness but Johnny will also be releasing his long awaited album 'Robot Rock' so it shows how far he has come in such a short space of time and long may it continue.

So let's please join Johnny on his recovery and support his justgiving campaign to raise funds for Leicester Hospitals Charity. The full story and links can also be found on his JUSTGIVING PAGE

Well Done Johnny - Keep up the good work ;-) Andy J