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Revival Synth would like to introduce to you 'MAGIC MOUNTAIN', a trio from Nottingham, UK.

Magic Mountain was founded by James Percy, Ash Smart & Sarah Smart.
The band's sound mixes growling, fuzzed guitars amidst ethereal keyboards and towering vocals that provide glimpses into a half-lit world of dreams and memory.
For the month of June we are showcasing their new single 'Serotonin'. Delving into the narrative heart of this single embodies a poignant reflection on contemporary struggles, both global and personal. The lyrical journey laid out by the trio navigates through the landscape of a world marred by adversity, where shadows loom large and the light of hope is seemingly diminished. Yet, it is within this setting of despair that the song finds its most compelling voice, articulating an unwavering belief in the resilience of the human spirit. The composition doesn't merely dwell on the gloom but seeks to illuminate the path forward, suggesting that even in the bleakest moments, there exists the potential for renewal and defiance against the encroaching darkness.

This thematic exploration is skilfully woven into the fabric of the music, where the interplay of stark punk energy and the ethereal layers of synthwave create a backdrop that is as introspective as it is invigorating. It's a narrative that resonates on a universal scale, addressing the listener directly and encouraging a shared sense of perseverance. By engaging with this theme, the trio not only crafts a song that is a testament to endurance in the face of adversity but also positions themselves as torchbearers of hope in a fractured world, echoing the sentiment that from the ashes of despair, a spark can indeed ignite the flames of change.





Odd Common, no stranger to Revival Synth, has been a regular on the site since we introduced the first offering 'Leaving Sadness' back in 2014. Wow! 10 years ago!

Fast forward to 2024, Odd Common releases a double track single featuring the main track 'Dreamer'. 

The haunting qualities of the vocals, with their ability to convey profound emotion without the crutch of words, find a perfect counterpart in the rich tapestries woven by the synths. These instruments, with their capacity for both grandeur and subtlety, amplify the ethereal nature of the voice, creating a soundscape that is mesmerising in its complexity. The relationship between the vocals and synths is not merely one of accompaniment but rather a symbiotic interaction that elevates the music to a realm beyond the sum of its parts.
This harmonious contrast is a testament to the artist’s masterful understanding of sound and its possibilities. Through this adept combination, the artist challenges the listener to navigate the nuanced layers of their compositions, inviting a deeper engagement with the music. The result is a captivating experience that defies easy classification, embodying the essence of avant-garde exploration. In this fusion, the artist not only bridges disparate elements but also crafts an auditory experience that resonates with a wide array of sensibilities, further solidifying their place in the avant-garde music landscape.