Fonz Tramontano - Nothing Lasts Forever


SINGLE & ALBUM : Doing. Is. Thinking


ALBUM 1/3/24

I recently stumbled upon a unique trio that goes by the name 'Office For Personal Development.' At first, I was drawn in by their playful name and style, but as I started listening to their music, I realized that there was so much more to them than just a catchy name and look.
The trio consists of three members - Trevor Deeble, Del Querns, and Jenna Love. They all have a background in music production and have come together to create something truly special. Their music is a combination of fun and serious, with quirky synth sounds that will make you want to dance and meaningful lyrics that will make you stop and think.
What I love most about Office For Personal Development is their ability to blend different genres and create a sound that is uniquely their own. They incorporate elements of electronic, pop, and even a hint of alt-rock into their music, making it a refreshing break from the mainstream music scene.
Their latest album, 'Doing. Is. Thinking.' is a perfect representation of their talent and creativity. Each song is like a journey, taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From the upbeat and catchy title track to the more reflective and thought-provoking 'Invisible To Me,' this album has something for everyone. 
It's time to get motivated folks and begin your personal development journey TODAY!

Album : Television
Released : October 2023
Love is sometimes crazy.  Sometimes its pure madness & that’s why you have Love-Asylum.
Kev, Dave & Matt have been hard at work creating new material for 2024 all while playing sell out shows up and down the UK. They are currently supporting The Devout, who are a Depeche Mode tribute act from UK.
If you like Alternative Pop Dance, New-wave or Nu Dance look no further than Love-Asylum.
Go and see them live and buy or stream their songs. Check out the Merch store and just dance and sing along to some of the most creative, influenced 80s synth dance on the planet.
Revival Synth : I recently had the pleasure of listening to the synth pop trio's third album, TELEVISION,  and I must say, I was blown away. This album is a perfect blend of synth-pop and new-wave, creating a unique and captivating sound.
From the first track, I was immediately drawn in by the melancholic synth melodies. The trio's use of synthesizers is masterful, creating a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere that transports the listener to another world. Each track has its own distinct sound, yet they all flow seamlessly together, creating a cohesive and well-crafted album.
One of the standout aspects of this album is the trio's ability to mix upbeat and danceable tracks with more somber and reflective ones. It's a perfect balance that keeps the listener engaged and emotionally invested throughout the entire album. The lyrics are introspective and thought-provoking, adding depth to the already captivating music.
The production quality of this album is top-notch. The synth sounds are crisp and clear, and the vocals are perfectly mixed with the music. Kev Scott's vocals are hauntingly beautiful, adding to the overall melancholic feel of the album.
Overall, this album is a must-listen for any fans of synth-pop or new-wave music. It's a refreshing and modern take on these genres, and the trio's talent and creativity shine through in every track. I highly recommend giving this album a listen and adding it to your music collection. Trust me, you won't regret it.
Their new single 'Get A Move On' is out now on all major music platforms.