RELEASED ; 13/8/2023

Adnama is an independent artist from Vancouver, Canada. Her sound is heavily influenced by bands who came out of the U.K & NYC in the early 80’s. Adnama’s early music was more guitar driven which has since evolved to a more electronic experience. 

Revival Synth has had the pleasure of featuring Adnama's previous singles since she sent me her rebellious track, 'Pissed In The Disco.'

Her follow ups, Jungle Heart and Human Like You were also featured, receiving critical acclaim across the synth spectrum.

Revival Synth... Adnama's sound is heavily influenced by the innovative sounds of the early eighties. Drawing inspiration from iconic synth-pop acts such as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Gary Numan, and incorporating the sounds of her idols, Debbie Harry, Siouxsie Banshee, and Patti Smith, Adnama goes on to craft a distinctive musical style that blends infectious hooks with haunting electronic textures. Her music seamlessly combined elements of new wave, electronic, and punk, resulting in a sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.



RELEASED : 23/6/2023

Mark Hockings, the lead singer of Mesh, spent the pandemic in isolation pondering his musical future, and he hatched a bold plan. He would use his involuntary exile to create something new, and thus Blackcarburning was born. Fun fact: when Hockings started his career, he never planned to become a singer. He almost accidentally ended up doing vocals with Mesh, but what he originally wanted was to play keyboards and program tunes. And with "Watching Sleepers," he could do just that.
Hockings takes on multiple roles, including writing, singing, and programming, and describes the tracks as "electronic music written around songs, emotion, and energy." He adds, "The tracks were written to see what I could achieve by working primarily independently. It's been a vehicle for exploring new songwriting and programming ideas, experimenting with sound design, and developing exciting new directions."
Once you have been part of an iconic band for so long, it is not easy to slip into a new role. But Hockings has been collecting material for quite some time, and he comes out of the gate with guns blazing. His work with Blackcarburning is complex, refined, multilayered, and unafraid to address the pressing questions we face today. "Watching Sleepers" is a beautiful piece of art with an incredible level of depth and sophistication. The album is pop on the surface, but it goes deeper. Hockings is a superb songwriter who has seen a thing or two, and this new vehicle gives him the space to grow as an artist and express himself differently. He is curious, willing to take risks, and ready to explore the darker side of pop music. Watching him spread his wings is a pleasure.
"Watching Sleepers" will delight Mesh fans who have been waiting for new material for several years, and they will also get to know a different side of Mark Hockings. 
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