Romain Frequency releases a new album ́Soundtrack Of Time ́ exploring his fascination for Time perception, as a continuation for his 2020 debut album ́Research on a nameless colour ́ (inspired by Derek Jarman ́s final essay ́Chroma ́) ,with its lead single ́Journey to
the end of the night ́ (Rock Machine Records)
This soundtrack to an imaginary dreamlike movie synthesises the transposition of a certain contemplative state into sound, in a cinematic aesthetic style.
Each track is deeply evocative, esoteric and, at times ritualistic, as an attempt to extend, stretch, pause or simply dissolve time, focusing on the energy created while deep listening to the music.
To appreciate the work, you must consume the tracks in their entirety, demanding your full attention, allowing yourself to lose track of time, like a collage of sounds and fragments of time.
Soundtrack of Time is also an ode to craft and DIY, with formatted sounds and visuals meticulously researched, designed and layered.
Berlin and its DJs: A love story that would be missing a chapter without Romain Fequency . As an electrosexual, he produces queer pop divas like Paura Diamante and has become an integral part of dance floors and dance temples. The Parisian discovered electronic music as a child and quickly wanted to emulate his idols Soft Cell or Jean Michel Jarre with the necessary synth equipment. 
He has created a new, unique sound, as Romain he is more philosophical and quiet. Since 2012 he has written soundtracks for various theater productions, including one with Lilja Ruprecht. That got him on the boards that mean the world.
His two albums are philosophical thoughts in an electronic guise.
The debut  Research On A Nameless Color  is inspired by the essays of the blinding artist Derek Jarman. With each hue he approaches the universal unknown color,  Soundtrack of Time  negotiates the perception of time. We surf through the ticking of clocks on epic carpets of sound, while an inner film full of backlashes unfolds.




Darwinmcd, electronic music artist, producer and remixer from South California, will be releasing “Maybe”, the first single from his forthcoming “Interlude” EP. 
“Maybe” is a downtempo track with a driving pulse that blossoms into an emotional finale, perfect for a long drive or just relaxing to.  “Maybe” will be released on all streaming services and Bandcamp on June 16, 2023. A CD maxi-single will also be available to purchase via Bandcamp.  The digital download and CD pre-order will begin Friday, June 2, 2023 on the Darwinmcd bandcamp page.
The digital release and CD maxi-single include the single mix, 12” Extended Mix, radio edit and brilliant remixes by Zinqmind and Secret Space Program. I hope you enjoy this release and will consider including some of the tracks on your show.
A second single called “Split” will be released in mid-July followed by the “Interlude” EP in mid-August.
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